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Gary Swaby is a UK based writer who has been writing about video games for over 6 years. Now he writes about a number of topics covering health, pop culture, technology, and gaming.

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Keeping a Journal: The Ultimate Guide

Keeping a Journal: The Ultimate Guide

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Slayers | Flash Fiction

Chick Wendig at terribleminds.com issued one of his Flash Fiction challenges last week, and as I want to make 2017 a year of reading and writing, I decided to participate. The rules of this challenge was to write about something that scares you, with a word limit of 1000. Unfortunately, I think I got carried away and went slightly over the limit, oops!

Regardless, I would appreciate any and all feedback on this so that I can improve.

Stream mic article

Turtle Beach Stream Mic Review: A Neat Microphone Compatible for All Major Gaming Platforms – The Koalition

Turtle Beach is without a doubt synonymous with quality sound solutions. Turtle Beach are world-renowned for their headset technology, with each headset tailored to deliver a fantastic gaming experience. Now, Turtle Beach is expanding its efforts and delivering products meant for a specific use. The Turtle Beach Stream Mic is equipped with Turtle Beach’s own TruSpeak™ technology and is ideal for those who live-stream.

World of final fantasy article

World of Final Fantasy: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited ...

People have spent so much time talking about Final Fantasy XV that they’ve forgotten about the secondary Final Fantasy game that is releasing this very month.

Turtle beach elite pro tournament article

The Koalition – The Authoritive Gaming Community

Turtle Beach has been known to produce the best audio equipment on the market for those who take their gaming seriously. There’s nothing like playing a first-person shooter and being able to react based on hearing footsteps approaching. Sound is an advantage in competitive gaming that is often overlooked, and that’s the appeal of owning one of Turtle Beach’s elite headsets.

Now with the blooming eSports market prevalent, Turtle Beach is taking things a step further by producing a line of equipment geared towards a tournament environment.

Agents of mayhem hollywood article

Agents of Mayhem is The Saturday Morning Cartoon for Adults ...

I loved what Saints Row IV did, despite it venturing far from the original Saints Row formula. If you look past the strange left turn that Saints Row IV took, you can appreciate the fact that Volition effectively created one of the most fun superhero centric video games in recent times. I was delighted to hear that Volition would be following up with this new formula by taking the superhero theme and running wild with it, and the best part about it is that they’ve still managed to tie Agents of Mayhem into the Saints Row universe that we already love.

Gwent article

Gwent Will Expand On The Witcher Lore With Its Story Mode (Hands ...

After adding Gwent as a mini-game in The Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red received millions of emails from players requesting a standalone Gwent card game. Not only that, but The Witcher 3 players we’re spending hours just seeking out and playing against Gwent players in the game’s taverns.

Watchdogs2 article

Watch Dogs 2 is What the First Game Should Have Been – The ...

Although I’m in the minority of enjoying the first Watch Dogs game, I still recognise its pitfalls. Aiden Pierce was a bland protagonist who showed no regard to the acts he was committing, not to mention that he had the personality of a spoon.

Mcmlondoncomiccon article

MCM London Comic Con 2015 Round-Up: Record Breaking Crowds

This past weekend I attended London Comic Con as press with graphic designer (and expert photographer) Rameez Quadri, so I thought it would be courtesy to the wonderful people who run the event to do a roundup of the event and our experiences.

Todgoldberg feature article

Authors “need to be pretty well grounded in the real world,” says Tod Goldberg | Interview

This month Gangsterland is our featured book, and I personally flew threw the book, finishing it in just over 7 days. So you can imagine that it’s with great pleasure that I’ve been able to interview the author behind this extravagant novel, Tod Goldberg. Read on below…

Uncharted the nathan drake collection article

The Nathan Drake Collection Review – Aged Like Fine Wine

Here's our verdict on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, originally developed by Naughty Dog and remastered by Bluepoint Games.

Dbz team article

My Top Coping Mechanisms When Suffering From Sickle Cell Crisis

Fellow Sickle Cell sufferers know that there’s nothing worse than suffering pain so bad that you can barely move. It gets to the point where it even effects our breathing, and once it gets to that point there’s nothing else for us to do but get dosed up on painkillers and try to get comfortable in bed (whether it be at home or the hospital). It’s a process I’ve been through a lot in my life, and it seems to get worse every time. However, to take my mind off things I have a list of coping mechanisms that help me feel a little more comfortable as I lay in agony.

Streetlawyerfeature article

John Grisham: The Street Lawyer | After Book Review - Redital | The Monthly Reader List

I chose to read The Street Lawyer because I was a little overwhelmed by all the fantasy and sci-fi that I’d been reading. I had an itch to read something slightly more humane and set in a real world working environment.

Sci fi feature 750x410 article

What Makes Great Science Fiction? - Redital | The Monthly Reader List

We share our thoughts on some of the things that make a great science fiction novel. Read our list and let us know what you enjoy about reading Sci-fi.

Award article

I Attended the Sickle Cell Society AGM - Gary A. Swaby

On Saturday the 18th July I attended the annual Sickle Cell Society AGM. I was invited to attend by a family friend who also suffers from Sickle Cell disease. I’d never been to one of these events before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I came out of it feeling very positive.